Brunch with Barney Horowitz at Temple Emanuel

Join Temple Emanuel for a free brunch sponsored by the Larry Miller Caring Community with guest speaker Barney Horowitz, former head of the National Labor Relations Board’s Albany office, who will present “Bagel Bakers Union, Local 338: A Remembrance”.

For more than half a century, the skilled craftsmen of Bagel Bakers Union, Local 338, made virtually every bagel in New York City.  Even into the 1950s, all members were Jewish and the minutes of its meetings were taken in Yiddish.  Local 338 was merged out of existence in 1971, the victim of refrigeration, changing tastes and most notably the introduction of the automated bagel baking machine, but it left behind an absorbing story – one of assimilation, technology’s disruptive impact and, of course, the decline of trade unionism.

Horowitz will draw on newspaper accounts, articles both scholarly and from the popular press, his analysis of NLRB decisions involving the union and his interviews with surviving Local 338 members.


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